IT Consulting Services

We can meet with you to learn and understand how your business truly operates. Using this information, we can find technology solutions that can improve your efficiency and business continuity while providing you a cost-savings. Call or email us today to put us to work improving your business and your bottom line.


Virtualization does away with the inefficiency of the old “one server, one application” model, in which most servers are vastly underutilized. Virtualization enables one single server to function as multiple “virtual machines,” with each virtual machine able to operate in different environments, such as Windows, Linux or Apache. As a result, companies that have adopted virtualization have been able to consolidate multiple servers onto fewer physical devices, which helps reduce space, power and administrative requirements. Virtualization also allows for easy expandability, with the ability to easily change the amount of CPU, RAM, or Hard Disk space available to the virtual machine to meet your growing needs and ensure optimum performance.
See more reasons for virtualizing in this whitepaper here

Reactive Computer Response and Repair Services

Our staffs combined years of industry training, certifications and collective experience can handle simple to the most complex hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting and repairs of equipment from all major providers, such as Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, HP and many others. Contact us today if you are experiencing problems with your computer equipment.

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Remote Support Services

We can remotely work on your computer issues in most cases. This allows for you to call us up and get support immediately without having to take your computer anywhere, all while you wait in the comfort of your home or office!

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You may also visit our Support Centre to access our remote support app ScreenConnect, submit an online help ticket and view our knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Tips.

Collaboration and Conferencing Systems

We can provide online collaboration systems including Office 365, allowing you to easily share files and collaborate with employees on documents, share reports with business partners, and connect with customers.

Office 365 also includes conferencing and communication features with multi-party HD video conferencing, instant messaging, voide and video calls, real-time note taking, and screen sharing. Let us show you how you can use these systems to improve productivity and keep your business moving from anywhere.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

VoIP is the future of telephony. With traditional telephone service, you have to pay for individual features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and more. You also have to deal with long distance fees for some calls, which can add up. With VoIP, it is all included and long distance can be a thing of the past. With rates as low as 2 cents per minute for all of North America and $3.00 a month for a local phone number, you can slash your costs without sacrificing call quality. Number porting is also available if you'd like to keep your phone number and switch to VoIP. Inquire within to get your number ported or pick a new number and get service started today.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) / Remote Access

VPN's allow for secure remote access to a network from anywhere. In a situation where you cannot make it to the office to work, or need a file from your server or computer, a VPN would allow for you to remotely connect to the office securely over the internet and access all your servers and remotely control your workstations as if you were there. This could open the possibility of working from home, helping to remain productive even when there are weather situations making it dangerous to come in to the office.

Security Solutions

We can provide IP security cameras to monitor your business while you are not there. They can be remote controlled and moved, with an intercom system available as well. Support for smartphones with the use of an app.

Windows and Linux Servers

We are experts in both Windows and Linux servers and can install either for your needs. Linux has some advantages over Windows and could lower your costs. We can configure servers such as file shares, web servers, e-mail servers and more.

Wired and Wireless Networks

We can install secure, scalable wired and wireless networks in your office to keep your office working productively. Users can connect with wired or wireless connections throughout the office with high security. Networks can be auditable to ensure any regulations are met.

Broadband Services

Stop paying too much for Internet services at your office! We are TekSavvy resellers who would be pleased to give you a broadband analysis and inform you of your options. TekSavvy provides the same great service as Bell and Rogers with the benefit of a lower monthly cost and more usage limits.

Network Security and Management

We can manage your servers and network for you to ensure they all run optimally at all times. We can ensure your systems remain patched and in good working condition to minimise system downtime and lessen computer slowdowns. We can also provide penetration testing services to ensure your network remains as secure as possible from breach.

Laptops and Desktops

We can source and provide laptops and desktops for your needs. Take the worry out of having to research and buy your next office computer. Let us find you a great machine for the task at the right price that is built to last. We have partners with distributors and can find great competitive rates on hardware.

Servers & Network Storage

We can configure and deploy servers for your needs. Improve productivity with a centralized file server. Ensure business continuity with nightly backups of your data and RAID configurations. We can deploy servers for many diverse needs.

Custom Hardware Solutions

We can custom build computers or servers for you to your specifications. From ultra compact mini PC's for media center use to full blown virtualized server farms, we can do it all.


We are partners with Kaspersky, Microsoft, and Malwarebytes to offer you quality computer security and office software solutions at affordable prices. We have access to many software packages not found in stores designed especially for small businesses.